Paleo, Day 2

To end the first day, I had a few almond crackers at home and an olive or two before we head to the store for something green. We ate the beef and mushroom stew with broccoli. The stew was good, although the meat was a bit dry because it was sitting on top of everything. The sweet potatoes just made it much too rich for me, though. As I was cleaning up, I snacked on the leftover broccoli and I think that was a mistake – broccoli overload! My stomach went crazy the rest of the night and much of the following day. It’s just not used to all these fresh vegetables, I guess.

Yesterday started much too early: a drive out to Oconomowoc to have my blood drawn before 8am. Because needles aren’t exactly my friend, I had a banana a few minutes before I pulled into the parking lot. Three vials later, and I was on my way again.

At home, I prepared 1 egg and about 3 big spoonfuls of the sweet potato hash. When I got to work and finished my breakfast, I decided I either can’t eat that rich stuff anymore or it just needs less garlic (like everything, it seems).

A few hours later I ate the baby carrots I brought, then during my lunch (which I had to eat at my desk due to arriving so late to the office) I had a salad with cherry tomatoes, chicken, walnuts, and olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. I still felt a bit hungry so I ate the cut-up red pepper I had brought also.

Instead of going to the gym as I had planned after work, I went home, feeling really tired. We went to the store (again) and bought a bunch of stuff for stir fry. Chicken with broccoli, red and green bell peppers, green onion, and… we made cauliflower rice! Just steamed it in the microwave for four minutes and sent it through the food processor. It looked more like couscous than rice, but it served its purpose! I had one cheat yesterday, and that was soy sauce. I just can’t eat stir fry without that salty goodness!

Because I found the sweet potato hash too rich, I sautéed up some mushrooms and zucchini for breakfast the rest of the week after dinner. We finished the night off with a cup of tea and Bill Maher.

Thoughts? Well, I haven’t had any extreme cravings so far. Considering what I had been eating, this is a complete turn-around of my diet. I feel good, although the stomach irritations are annoying, but I guess that just comes with the extra-added fiber. As for weight-loss? Well, I don’t feel as if I’ve lost any weight, but then again, it has only been 2.5 days and I haven’t really been working out much… yet. I still feel bloated, which is the worst. But, I feel full after I eat, and that’s important.


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