Paleo, Day 3

A quick overview of what I ate yesterday…

Breakfast (8am): 2 extra large eggs from Yuppie Hill Farms with sautéed mushrooms and zucchini

Snack (11am): banana

Lunch workout (12:45pm): 3 miles on treadmill

Lunch (2pm): Baby carrots and leftover stir fry with cauliflower “rice” and soy sauce

Snack (3:30pm): apple

Snack (5:30pm): A few almond crackers and kalamata olives

Yoga at 6:30pm

Dinner (8:30pm): Leftover stir fry with cauliflower “rice” and soy sauce

I still do not have any crazy cravings, and that makes me worried. I have lost weight already (water weight, I’m sure), but I’m worried that after this “diet” I’ll gain it all back, even if I only add in a little bit of bread or dairy. I’m trying to work on thinking of it as a lifestyle change. The weekend will surely be the biggest challenge, especially when Tristan is gone most of Sunday — I always go crazy when no one is around to see how much/what I eat.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on recipes and paleo, and of course, I can’t help but drool over the paleo desserts. Because I don’t believe these foods are allowed on “Whole30” I’m going to try and abstain from them until the 30 days are over. But then I’m excited to try paleo brownies or cookies to see if 1)they are any good, and 2)if they bring back old cravings for wheat/bread.

I signed up for Crossfit Elements at Badger CrossFit starting on March 5. I’m excited to finally give it a go and see what it will do to/for my body/eating habits, etc. My plan is to run on days I don’t CrossFit to keep up with training for future races (and because so far, that’s the only exercise that has helped me maintain weight). Now adding CrossFit to the puzzle? I hope my hopes aren’t set too high, but I imagine great results!


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