I met Fran last night. She was… smug, to say the least.

Monday, April 9, 5:30pm

Strength: Hang Clean (50lbs)


“Fran” 95/65


Thrusters (45lbs)

Pull-ups (8 w/purple band, rest w/green)

Time: 11:03

My shoulders hurt yesterday and they still do. I’m wondering if I’m not opening up my arms enough at the top of the thruster. I’ll have to get a closer look next time.

My nutrition has pretty much been crap. I’m trying to make small changes toward a more Paleo-type “diet.” Like this morning, instead of having a cinnamon roll for breakfast, I made 2 scrambled eggs. But I put them in tortilla shells with cheese… getting closer, at least. I can tell the tortilla shells did not make my stomach happy (oh really…), so I will eliminate those tomorrow. I love my chocolate chip cookies. It’s so terrible and I need to stop. I bet you I’d feel better if I did. Baby steps…


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