A Week in Review

Let’s recap from last week…

Tuesday’s Crossfit Endurance workout was as follows:

5:00 minutes on, 2:30 minutes off, 6:00 minutes on, 3:00 off, 7:00 minutes on

I wasn’t sure how to gauge this workout, so I believe I ran the “ons” at 7.0 (1.5 incline) on the treadmill. After work that day, I finally got out on a run with my friend Alefiyah. We did 5 miles in 49 minutes. Not the fastest, by any means, but it was really great to make that first push to running outside again.

Wednesday, April 25

Strength: Cleans (35lbs)




Squat Cleans (35lbs)

Ring Dips (blue band)

Time: 10:48

Perhaps it was from all of the running on Tuesday, but my hip flexors were feeling really tight. This made the cleans somewhat painful and I think this is why I haven’t been able to add more weight to cleans and thrusters. Not to mention my wrists were sore and my chest was hurting from a bruise from the bar. Did I mention the skill for the week had been ab roll-outs? Yeah, that will come into play here shortly…

Thursday… oh, Thursday.

I attempted the CrossFit Endurance workout during my lunch break as usual. It called for a “Tabata” of 8 rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. For the running workout, it suggested you use a treadmill and to set the incline at 12% and run at 0-30 seconds below your 5k pace. So, okay. I can’t exactly run my 5k pace (whatever that is anyway) at a 12% incline, so I ran at 5.8. Just slightly slower. It also is quite difficult to move the incline up and down in 10 seconds. So needless to say, I probably didn’t do the workout correctly. However, it only took me about 20 minutes total (with warm-up and cool-down) so I was able to stretch and do a plank “tabata” of 4 rounds of 30 seconds on 15 seconds off. And by the time I was done, I had pulled my back.

I think a combination of ab roll-outs, running at a 12% incline and planks did me in. It was sore when I finished working out, but the pain worsened throughout the day. I haven’t worked out since, but I’m happy to say that my youth is perhaps aiding in a more speedy recovery than I thought. Although I did take an Aleve earlier today, I’m not feeling any pain at the moment. I did decide to take today off, but I’m hoping to get out for a run tomorrow. I will be very grateful if the pain is gone for good because I can’t imagine not working out for more than a week. I’ve already missed a really tough WOD today and I will fore-go the Crossfit Endurance workout during lunch tomorrow as well in hopes of feeling (almost) 100% by tomorrow night.


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