First Day Back

It’s hard to believe that I haven’t worked out at.all. for 10 days. Ridiculous. And I certainly didn’t hold back on what I was eating either. Oops.

I decided to go to crossfit on Monday and it was a great decision.

Monday, May 7

1RM Week

Strength: Deadlift — (135lbs)


3 Rounds

30 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

30 Weighted Sit-Ups

1k Row (or 800m run)

Time: 24:33

photo credit: Tyler Sullivan

photo credit: Tyler Sullivan

That’s me in the foreground of the first photo and on the left side of the second. You can see Tristan in the background with the orange shorts!

I did the SDLHP with 45lbs which was actually Level 2! Just 10 more pounds for RX… I can definitely get that. For the weighted sit-ups (which I had to do without an abmat or yoga mat) I used a 10lb plate. Also, you had to row at least once, which I did during the second round. Apparently I’m not too shabby at rowing… I stayed right with Tristan and finished just as two other girls were who started before me. Unfortunately, 1RM week came at a bad time! I really think I could have gotten at least 140lbs, but I didn’t want to push my back (and we ran out of time). I’m excited to see what other sorts of things I can pull off this week!

I’m going to take today off from CrossFit Endurance. I don’t want to push my body too hard. Plus, I will be standing all night at the Incubus concert (!!!) and won’t be getting much sleep either. Crossfit again on Wednesday and Crossfit Endurance or run (or both!) on Thursday. Here’s to getting back on track!


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