It’s All About Balance

I have a love-hate relationship with eggs. I was doing fine this week eating my egg-and-cheese burritos, but today, when I added some mushrooms and zucchini to the mix, I couldn’t even finish it. Perhaps there was just too much stuff in there and I was full, but… yuck. I’m so frustrated with breakfast foods! If you’re trying to eat grain-free and sugar-free, it seems as if it’s either eggs or nothing. And yes, I know I could eat leftovers or something instead, but that just seems to unappealing especially since I’d probably end up eating the same thing for lunch too. My work isn’t exciting — I need something to look forward to during the day!

Anyway, Monday at CrossFit was sort of exciting. Although we had just done max back squats on Friday (and I topped out at 85lbs because I was still trying to get the technique down), back squats were on the books for strength on Monday as well. While I was working with another girl, I realized that I had just done 5 reps at my previous max, 85lbs! So, we upped the weight and I topped out at 105lbs! Such an awesome feeling. Here are the workouts from the past two days…

Monday, May 14

Strength: Back Squat (105lbs)



3 Rounds

400m Run

21 Kettlebell Swings (25lbs)

12 Pull-Ups

Time: 12:48

Wednesday, May 16

Strength: Power Clean (75lbs)




Sit-ups (81ish)

Row (45cal)

1 Arm Kettlebell Snatch (69 with 15lbs)

I’m still trying to find the balance between using enough weight to really challenge myself, but to also keep form and be able to complete the workout within a reasonable amount of time. After doing the KB swings with 15lbs, I knew I could have done more weight. However, the next step up is 25lbs. Would that be too much? I’ll have to find out next time, I suppose.

My goal is to do CrossFit today and tomorrow to get in 4 CF workouts this week. It’s quite difficult trying to fit everything in when working Summer Hours. I would like to get in a run or two each week (along with CrossFit Endurance workouts) AND up my strength training at CrossFit, but there is never enough time! Need to find that balance.

On another note, our coach, Tyler, is competing this weekend at the CrossFit Games North Central Regionals… Good Luck Tyler!


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