Amateur Photography

Instead of going to CrossFit last Thursday, I helped my roommate, Joe, move some stuff for about an hour. I guess that counts as a workout, right?

After getting off at noon on Friday, my afternoon consisted of running a bunch of errands before heading to CrossFit at 6:30. There were actually only 4 of us in class that day so it was kind of nice.

Friday, May 18

Strength: Bench (65lbs)


“Bear Complex”

5 Rounds of 7 Sets of the following:

Power Clean

Front Squat

Push Press

Back Squat

Push Press

The point of the workout is to never set down the barbell between rounds (or risk a 5 burpee penalty) and to do it with as much weight as possible. I did the first 4 rounds with 35lbs, and then to challenge myself, I added 5lbs for the last round. After the workout, I tired once again to get a pull-up, and then did some “knees-to-bar” (or, in my case, knees-as-high-as-they-can-go). I also worked on toes-to-bar and then attempted to do a kipping pull-up. I was so close! I am determined to get strict pull-ups first, though. This is Tyler’s method and I totally agree with it. While yes, kipping pull-ups may use your whole body in the movement, they are also easier (and faster) to perform in a workout. I like to do things right, and to me, that means to be able to knock out strict pull-ups like it’s nobody’s business. Someday…

In an attempt to make this blog more interesting and post more photos, I tried to remember to take pictures of what I ate over the past week. That resulted in a whole 3 (terrible iPhone) photos. And without further ado, check out some of my amateur photography skills…

This is what you eat when your boyfriend is out of town for two weeks and you extremely dislike cooking for yourself… canned salmon, steamed broccoli, and half a sweet potato.

Mmm, Paleo “Cookie Dough.” I found this recipe at Fitness in an Evolutionary Direction.

And this was lunch one day… Orange bell peppers, sweet potato, chicken and steamed broccoli. Not to mention my earlier snack of baby carrots. Think that’s too much orange food?

Obviously my photography skills are less than sub-par. It doesn’t help that all I’ve got to work with is an iPhone 3Gs – old school!

Anyway, Tristan comes home tomorrow so dinner should be more interesting from now on. CrossFit is on the schedule for tonight and hopefully again tomorrow along with a CrossFit Endurance workout (or run). Lets hope for a great week!


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