Workout Update

Here is an update of workouts from the past few weeks…

The day after I did “two in a row” I went for a run with Alefiyah. We ended up covering 3.7 miles at an average pace of 10 minutes per mile.

Day 18 – Thursday, May 24

Strength: Snatch (45lbs)


10 min AMRAP

15 Snatch

30 DUs (90 singles)

Rounds: 3+88 singles

On June 1, I finally got in a workout. I did 45 minutes of intervals on the treadmill during lunch.

Monday, June 4 I ran four miles at 9:24 minute miles, did 5.5 with Alefiyah on Tuesday, June 5 at 10:02 minute miles, went for a 5.2 mile bike ride with Tristan on Wednesday, June 6, then did 3.4 miles of intervals (averaging 9:31 minute miles) on Thursday, June 7.

Day 19 – Friday, June 8

We did something like 3-3-3-3-3 of Overhead Squats and then a little “finisher” at the end to get our blood pumping. I ended up doing 35lbs for the OHS. This is a tough move for everyone, but I can’t seem to do any more weight than 35lbs. Am I getting any stronger?!?

Beach WOD – Sunday, June 10

I wasn’t sure what to expect and hesitated going at first, but didn’t want Tristan to have all of the fun. When we got there we were told we would be doing a Navy SEAL-style workout… half in the water. In Lake Michigan? Yuck! But after running down the beach for a warm-up, we found a less scummy area to get in the water. 10 rounds of 20 push-ups (which I did on my knees), 20 flutter kicks (at a 3-4 count), and a 80-90 meter sprint. It was hot and the sun was shining bright, so being in the water wasn’t a problem at all. You almost had to time the push-ups with the waves coming up, otherwise you got a face-ful or mouthful of water. This happened too frequently. And doing the push-ups on my knees left them raw from the rocks and sand. I think I’ll have permanent scabs all summer. Anyway, it was tough, but a lot of fun. I can’t wait to do another beach WOD!

Day 20 – Tuesday, June 12

Strength: Shoulder Press (5@25, 5@35, 5@45)


“Ungraceful Fran”



Pull-ups (blue & skinny purple bands)

Clean & Jerks

Time: 15:58 (40lbs)

Wednesday, June 13 I ran 3.6 miles at a 9:08 minute-per-mile pace. I felt GREAT during this run and actually thought maybe I was running faster than 9-minute-miles. Oh well. I’ll take 9:08s if I feel good. Friday, June 15 I did a “quick” run before showering and getting ready to leave for California. I covered 4.1 miles at a 9:10 minute-per-mile pace. Not bad!

Day 21 – Monday, June 18

Strength: 3RM Dead Lift (115lbs)


400m Run


Hand Release Push-ups (I did the first 10 not on my knees)

Air Squats

400m Run


Ab Mat Sit-ups

Flutter Kicks

400m Run

Time: 14:24

Day 22 – Tuesday, June 19

Strength: 3RM Push Press (55lbs)




Overhead Squats (25lbs)


Time: 7:47

Whew! I seem like a work-out fanatic with this post, haha. I am seriously considering going to CrossFit again tonight after comments that were left on Facebook about today’s WOD… but that would be three days in a row. I already struggled with the Push Presses yesterday because my shoulders were shot from Monday. Decisions, decisions! And it’s going to top out at about 95 degrees today so if I don’t get in a workout at the gym during lunch, then I’m SOL. We’ll see how I feel.

And because this post isn’t quite long enough… Tristan left today for Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. (Where?! I know… But it’s in the peninsula of Idaho, right near Spokane, WA and it’s actually a very beautiful, hilly, lush green area. And there is an Ironman there.) Anyway, I am feeling very positive that I will stick with my new habits of not eating crap at work (and at home), but I might indulge in a treat or two. The crazy thing is, though… I’m not really feeling anything sweet (except for maybe some Paleo “cookie dough”) which is great!

Happy Wednesday!


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