A Weird Week

It’s hot. 95 degrees and it’s only 12:30. So, I’m working out inside today. Back to Monday…

Day 26 – Monday, July 2

Strength: Bench Press (modified to kettlebell/dumbbell press because we don’t have enough benches in our gym)

5 @ 12lbs, 5 @ 25lbs, 5 @ 35lbs (dumbbells) This weight was in each hand.


5 Rounds

10 Burpees

15 Deadlifts @ 50% 1RM

20 Hand-release Push-ups

25 Abmat Sit-ups

Time: 24:05

I used 70lbs for the deadlifts and accidentally only did 10 reps for the first 3 rounds, so at the end of my fifth round, I did 15 more deadlifts. Oops.

Our gym is doing a challenge for the month of July: 50 push-ups and 50 sit-ups every day for one month, NOT timed – quality over time. Tristan and I started on July 1 and decided to time it for fun. I did 10 strict push-ups, then the rest on my knees and finished in 6:07. Because of Monday’s WOD, we skipped and did it again on Tuesday. I did the same – 10/40 – and finished in 6:35. Now, unfortunately, I have this problem with my bum. The way that it lays on the ground when I do CF-style sit-ups causes it to rub the skin at the top of my butt right between the cheeks. So, after doing sit-ups for three days in a row, lets just say I need to modify the July challenge to flutter kicks until it heals. Seriously, it is rubbed raw and stings in the shower. Ouch! Such a bummer because I love doing Abmat sit-ups and I’m good at them.

Anyway, Tuesday I did a 3.5 mile interval(ish) workout on the treadmill during lunch. My hamstrings felt tight from the deadlifts (they still do today!) so I took my time and stretched afterwards. That night we had dinner at The Knick, then grabbed some drinks and headed down to watch the lakefront fireworks with a friend. Tristan went out with some friends afterward, and I went to bed. We spent the4th sleeping-in (he was out until 5am!), relaxing, grabbing steak tacos and ice cream with friends, and some more relaxing. I went for a little walk to listen to the Hanson album before Sunday and then headed to the grocery store while Tristan napped. Salads for dinner, and paleo cookie dough for dessert for me, and “WOW Chocolate Chip Cookies” for Tristan. I had a lick of dough to make sure it tasted okay (the recipe didn’t call for eggs, so I was skeptical) and had one cookie to test it out. With my modifications to the recipe, (coconut oil for canola oil, cane sugar and brown sugar for white) they had a different, but good, taste. We enjoyed some “nighty-night” tea and I surprisingly fell asleep right away (after we got into bed at almost midnight).

Since I can’t take any vacation, I’m back at work today and will be using my “floating holiday” tomorrow to extend the weekend. Tonight’s plans are a treadmill workout and getting in the July challenge (and perhaps some other weights) and then sushi with Kristin!

Not sure what the weekend has in store… hopefully a workout or two and/or running.



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