I’m So Good at Taking Pictures

This post will show you just how good I’ve gotten at taking pictures of what I eat.

I ended my Thursday by heading to the gym after work. I did an interval-ish workout on the treadmill and ended up covering 4.5(ish) miles. After stretching, I did 50 push-ups (10 strict, 40 knees) and 50 four-count flutter kicks (which are much harder than Abmat sit-ups!) and completed the challenge in… crap. I don’t remember! It’s written on the calender at home, but I know it wasn’t any better than my previous times. THEN, I did a mini WOD that Tristan made up for me: 3 Rounds for Time of 20 Air Squats, 15 Hang Power Cleans, and 10 Burpees. I ended up just using a Body Pump bar because that’s all that was available in the women’s only area of Gold’s Gym. There were 15lbs on it, plus whatever the bar weighs (maybe 5lbs?) I could have definitely done more weight for the HPCs, but doing that many after running and push-ups was a bit challenging. I finished in around 8:30.

Thursday night I got sushi at Izumi’s with Kristin. As always, it was delicious. Seriously, it’s THE best sushi in Milwaukee, no matter what anyone else tells you. Look at this photo of our delicious food…

Friday I had off, so we slept in, watched the end of Stage 6 of the Tour de France, then had breakfast at Alterra. I spent the afternoon cleaning up around the house, doing laundry, and running to Target. Then, we went to CrossFit and were greeted by this…

Day 27 – Friday, July 6

Strength: Elevated Dead Lift 3-3-3-3-3


“Fran” (95/65)




Time: 11:38

Ah, Fran! Oh, so much to say about that day… To start, the elevated dead-lifts were fun and something I think I should do more often. They really work the hamstrings where I feel I am pretty weak. Two other girls and I worked up to 3 reps at 120lbs. Not bad. I’m interested to see what my 1RM dead lift is now (…good thing this week is 1RM week!)

Then, Fran. I used 45lbs for the Thrusters and (unfortunately) found out today that I used 45lbs the first time I did Fran too… and got a better time! But this time, it wasn’t necessarily the thrusters that gave me trouble… it was the pull-ups. I used several different combinations of bands: first, a skinny purple and skinny red band; second, a skinny purple and thicker blue band; third, a skinny red band and thicker blue band. I can’t remember how many reps I did with each combination, but I think I did the most with the second (skinny purple and thicker blue). This gives me a bit of hope that my pull-ups are getting better, but just a little frustrated that I couldn’t get a faster time.  Oh well. Needless to say, it was a good start to the weekend.

Friday night, Tristan and I headed down to Summerfest to see Paul Oakenfold. We started the night with brews from Lakefront Brewery, and had two more beers throughout the night. Before the show, we grabbed something to eat: a chicken quesedilla with lots of guacamole for me and a chicken Parmesan sandwich for him. Paul Oakenfold was actually pretty fun (albeit hot and sticky) and we danced the entire time. It was SO nice to be able to walk home after the show. No need to worry about driving or traffic!

Saturday morning I wasn’t feeling so hot. Tristan left early to go for a ride, so I ended up sleeping until almost 10am. I spent most of the day watching TV and catching up on reading some magazines. We (or I) finally ventured outside for dinner at Louise’s, then rented 21 Jump Street from RedBox. I had some paleo cookie dough while we watched the movie. Yum!

Sunday was another late start, but I enjoy sleeping in so much. My body needs it! With a long run planned for later in the day, I wanted to fuel up at my new favorite spot (The Plaza). We actually had the same waiter who remembered us – it’s like we’re regulars! We each had the same thing, too. Afterwards, we hit up the grocery store, then I chopped and prepped veggies for lunch for the week. Tristan left for another ride, and I started cleaning before Kristin came over. Finally, I made it out for my run around 4pm. I was planning on doing 7 miles, but I wouldn’t have had time, so I cut it back to just over 5 (in 9:29 minute miles). I stretched and did the 50/50 (not timed) before showering, then running to the grocery store. Kristin and I made some vodka tonics with lime and grilled some chicken and zucchini while listening to the entire Hanson discography on shuffle 😛 We were getting ready for their show at Summerfest.

The concert was a blast and I’m so happy we were able to finally go (we’ve missed them two or three times in the last five years). We had no shame, and sang along to every song, and screamed when appropriate. It was a great night.

I was definitely feeling a little groggy this morning, but I think my lunch full of veggies seemed to have picked me up. I hope this lasts for another hour and a half during Crossfit. Can’t wait for to see what the 1RM is today!


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