Weak in the… Legs.

I would call Monday somewhat of a success… although I didn’t actually do the day’s 1RM: bench press. The guys all happened to “hog” the benches, so the ladies resorted to floor press. I ended up maxing out… at 100lbs! Crazy, huh? But this is just frustrating… I should be able to squat a LOT more than that, but my previous max squat is only 115lbs. My legs have always been this weak though. Even during track in high school, I could barely squat the bar, but could bench at least that, if not more. Something I definitely need to work on… maybe I should be squatting more and heavier at Gold’s.

Day 28 – Monday, July 9

Strength: 1RM Bench Press (modified to Floor Press) – 100lbs


6 Rounds (20 minute time cap)

10 Dumbbell Squat Cleans

Sprint to State Street (250-300m)

Time: 19:08

Our box only has two sets of 20lb dumbbells, so I modified and used a bar with 45lbs. Actually, I did the first 10 with 50lbs, but I was already struggling toward the end, so when I got back in, I took the 2 1/2lb weights off and did the rest of the workout with 45lbs. I think this just goes to show how WEAK my legs are — I can thrust 45lbs and then some over my head, but I can barely front squat that weight.

So much to work on!


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