Paleo Cookie Dough and a Trail Run

As I begin this post, I feel a slight twinge of failure in the air… but I can’t quite put my finger on where it’s coming from. Perhaps it’s the paleo cookie dough binge that I’ve been on for the past, oh, week… or the fact that I didn’t work out last night… or the fact that I can’t quit eating these “wraps”… whatever it is, I’m not happy about it. I need to get out of this funk. Perhaps recalling my week will help.

Tuesday night I was tired. I did NOT want to work out, but as I walked home, the pleasant weather lightened my spirits and I knew that I had no choice: run or… run. So, run I did. I told myself that I would be happy if I just did 3 miles… but I had this lingering thought in the back of my head of how I did not make my goal of 7 miles on Sunday. So I kept running. It wasn’t fast by any means, but I just kept chugging along. I ended up doing 6.7mi in about 9:49. Not bad for not wanting to work out!

Day 29 – Wednesday, July 11

Strength: Back Squat (105lbs)



Power Cleans (55lbs)


Time: 13:20

I was feeling weak as I left work and knowing that back squat was the strength today, I wasn’t feeling very positive about it. My previous one rep max? 115lbs. Yeah, it wasn’t a good day. But, on the other hand, I really do think I’m improving on pull-ups. This time, I only used 2 combinations of bands!

Thursday, I was tired and all I wanted to do was sleep. Tristan and I made our way to Bastille Days where we had a couple of drinks and dinner from the street vendors. We watched a bit of the run and were home by 9:30.

Day 30 – Friday, July 13

Strength: Press (55lbs)




200m Farmer’s Carry

Time: 19 or 21ish

Manmakers were the skill for the week, and I knew they would be in the WOD today. Oof. I used 20lb dumbbells in each hand. During the week, I did strict push-ups, but there was NO way that was happening today; I had to scale to my knees. (A manmaker is a move in which you have a dumbbell in each hand, set them on the floor and while holding on to them, jump out into a plank position, do a push-up, pick up the dumbbell in one hand and do a row, set it down, do another push-up, pick up the other dumbbell in the other hand and do a row, set it down, do another push-up, jump up in between the dumbbells, squat clean the dumbbells, then push up into a thruster. Yeah.)

I was so exhausted after that and working on Factory team stuff after my “real job” that I didn’t want to do anything at night. We missed a BBQ with good friends (which I feel so bad about) and instead stayed in and watched the CrossFit games out on the porch.

Saturday, I did a bunch of work while Tristan pre-rode the course for the WORS race on Sunday. Afterwards, we went to Sports Authority and each got some new workout shorts. We had another low-key night getting dinner at The Knick, then watched the CrossFit games at home.

Sunday was the WORS race and trail run! (For some reason, I thought it would be fun to do the trail run before Tristan’s race…. not so fun having to wake up that early on a Sunday or never running trails, ever!) We made it to the race with plenty of time for me to register. Before I left the house I had half a banana with my fish oil. It proved to be good enough fuel for such an early race in the heat. I ran the 5k and sort of buddied up with someone who started to talk to me at the start line (expressing the same sentiments that I had about running before the bike race and thinking it would be fun… haha). I ended up pacing off her for just about the entire race. I was nervous about running on trails — I have only done so once or twice before and my shoes are about three years old and have zero traction. Fortunately, there weren’t too many rocky/sketchy sections and everything worked out fine. It was a fun course to run and I’m glad I did it. The finish was up a decent hill, and once we got to the start of it, I put it in gear and passed the girl and another guy who we ended up pacing off of to finish strong. Although the field was only 4-deep, I actually got 2nd place in my age group! Kind of cool. Here’s a photo Tristan took — he was able to get on course at a couple of points, so that was nice to see him.

Afterwards, I noticed a funny rash on the tops of my thighs. It didn’t itch, but it didn’t go away all day. It spread to my feet and I think it’s now on my chest (or my sun burn just really itches). I’m paranoid about poison ivy, although I don’t think it’s that, but my head is playing tricks on me and I feel as if I’m itchy all over! Quite annoying…

Anyway, Tristan did very well in his race, finishing first overall. He was so excited and I’m so proud of him!

Later that afternoon, I helped him pack up his truck for his trip to Lake Placid. We grabbed some groceries and dinner from Whole Foods and relaxed. He left on Monday and will be gone for a little over a week. 😦

It’s almost 100 degrees out there right now, so staying motivated to go to CrossFit tonight will be hard on the walk home. But I’ve got to do it, it’s on my calender! I’m ready to feel strong!


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