Stress Fracture

I’m going to avoid stating the obvious…

After having pain in my foot for about a month, I finally saw a podiatrist last Wednesday. I had already self-diagnosed a stress fracture, but hearing the end-all from the doc was necessary. I had x-rays taken and low-and-behold… there was a hairline crack in my foot (the top, near my toes). Usually, stress fractures cannot be detected on normal x-rays, but since it has been so long, she was able to see it. And she gave me a big, ol’ ugly boot to wear for the next three weeks (and at that point, I have to go back in for more x-rays, then we’ll see…) No running, biking, or leg workouts of any kind. Swimming only – without pushing off the wall – (recumbent cycling is acceptable, buuut, no thanks) and upper body weights.

Such a bummer! I’m pretty much stuck in this thing for the rest of summer… no running and very limited CrossFit! And, Tristan is pretty much gone the entire time (expect for 5 days this week), so I don’t know how quick I’m going to recover walking to and from work everyday, not to mention driving and running errands all by myself. So frustrating! I just need to suck it up and do big grocery runs and not go everyday, and only walk to and from work, no where else! Then, hopefully sooner than later this will heal.

But, before this whole fiasco, I met some PRs in CrossFit…

Front Squat: 85lbs

Dead Lift: 150lbs

Squat Clean (more like a straight clean to front squat): 90lbs

I’m just hoping to keep up my fitness enough so that I don’t go backwards on those numbers (and others). I went to CrossFit on Friday and instead of doing G.I. Jane like everybody else, I did 20 sets of 5 knee push-ups and 5 ring rows in 16:23. I’m heading back tonight to see what I can do and I heard from Tristan that the swimsuit that Blue Seventy sent me finally arrived! So tomorrow, I’ll be hitting the pool. I’ll be lucky if I can do 20 minutes!


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