Bench Press and a 30-Day Challenge

Monday was quite the success. Coach Tyler came up with a WOD for me to do while the rest of the class did this:

2 Rounds of 20-165lb Dead-lift, 20-pull ups, 10-165lb Front Squat, 20-toes 2 bar, 5-165lb push jerk, 20-CF push ups

While everyone claimed it was brutal, I was really bummed I missed out on that one! But my WOD was pretty tough too:


Monday, August 13



Bench Press, Push Press, Sit-ups

Time: 16:05

I used 75lbs for Bench and 45lbs for the Push Press. It’s actually a strength WOD, but instead of sit-ups it’s Dead Lifts. Unfortunately, my range of motion is not there with this boot on, so no deadlifting for me! But it was definitely tough. My arms were shaking by the end. My friends at the gym all joke that they’re going to have to tell me to put my arms down by the time I finally get this boot off! Haha I at least hope to use this to my advantage and finally get a couple of pull-ups strung together… (On a side note, I am SO interested to see what my 1RM bench press is!!)

I intended to swim on Wednesday, but after I got changed into my suit and walked all the way to the pool door, there was a sign on it that said it was closed! WTF?! That was frustrating… so I’ll try again today. I’m really looking forward to it!

In the meantime, last Tuesday (the day before they strapped this thing on my foot) I started a 30/30/30 for 30 challenge – 30 4-count flutter kicks, 30 push-ups, and 30 air squats for 30 days. So far, I’ve kept it up, just modified the push-ups to knees-only and try to keep the weight on my heels when I do squats. I feel that if I can at least bust out those 30 squats everyday, my legs won’t be complete noodles by the time the boot comes off! But, then Tristan had to one-up me and he’s doing a 100-day challenge of 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups (or flutter kicks or planks). Pfff! So I think I’m going to add in 50 (or more) ab-mat sit-ups…. and I just realized that Tristan will need the ab-mat to complete his challenge while he’s traveling for the next 4 weeks… dangit! Well, maybe I’ll do more flutter kicks…

I think that if I can continue to do my 30-day challenge, try to swim a couple of times a week, hit up CrossFit 2 or 3 times a week and watch what I eat, I should be okay. I just really hope that by the end of this three week period my foot will be healed and I can started to run a little bit and work out these legs. If we have a fall anything like last year, I’m really going to miss running in that weather!


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