Bad Habits

It seems that I’m in a food slump. I was doing so well when I kicked my sugar habit, although I think it has just turned into my almond butter habit. I feel ridiculous, but I continuously try and talk myself out of eating almond butter at night, but I just.can’t.stop. I have this feeling that what it might come down to is not eating enough at dinner (or eating a good variety at dinner). Case in point: Tuesday I vowed that I would not eat any AB, but my dinner was half a chicken breast on a bed of spinach and baby kale with Parmesan, and then half a sauteed zucchini. That’s like, 350 calories, if that! No wonder I gave in to the AB! And last night, I ended up with a chicken and cheese quesadilla with guacamole. Lots of calories, but not a lot of good stuff. So back to the jar I went. (I just wonder if it’s the actual almond butter I crave or the chocolate I put in it…)

These are only representations of what I’ve eaten the past two days. Same meals, different days.


Actually, upon closer inspection, this is a chopped up burger patty over spinach with a little bit of balsamic vinegar and Parmesan cheese.


Love me some quesadilla, especially with fresh guac! The stuff I had last night was Wholly Guacamole, and while not the same, is a very respectable substitute!


I feel as if I’ve been doing pretty good with my activity level since I got the boot. I’ve been going to CrossFit twice a week and swimming twice a week (trying to make that three times) — Not to mention that I bumped my 30/30/30 for 30 to 50/50/50. But my diet hasn’t been up to par with my more sedentary life.

I have a wedding to attend in about a month and Hawaii is about a month and a half away. I’m not where I wanted to be at this point. The frustrating thing is — the muscle is there! I just need to clean up my diet and that is, of course, the hardest part. How many times am I going to blog about this before I actually do something?

I hate to admit it, but it’s harder to eat well with Tristan gone. I don’t like cooking for myself and my evenings consist of eating dinner, then sitting in front of the TV with no one else to talk to. So then I turn to almond butter, and here we are.

I need to start studying math so I can take a math placement test. That would be a good thing to occupy my time. I know it’s the starting blocks of getting my dietetics degree, but I.HATE.MATH. And it’s hard! Especially when you haven’t looked at anything more than adding and subtracting (usually with a calculator, might I add) for over 5 years. But, alas, it needs to be done or I can’t really go anywhere. If it takes me an entire semester to study for one test, fine. But I better pass it!


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