Breaking It Up

Friday’s CrossFit workout actually left me sore for almost the whole weekend!

Day 44 – Friday, August 24

Strength: 5RM Bench Press (95lbs)


12min AMRAP

30 Weighted Sit-ups (15lb plate)

20 Ground to Overhead (15lb plate)

10 Ring Rows

Rounds: 4 plus 11 Ground to Overhead

Thankfully this week is 1RM week. I’m so excited to find out my bench press! Although I won’t be able to participate in many others…

I hate to say this, but due to the quality and quantity of sleep I did not get last night, I think I’m going to stay home, eat a good dinner, and hit the hay early instead of going to CrossFit tonight. I think this will also help me to stave off any cravings I might get being the first night I don’t have nut butter in over a week.


I usually eat lunch as late as possible. I used to feel that saving my healthy lunch until later in the day provided the best fuel for my evening workouts. But because I would wait so long to eat between breakfast and lunch, I ate a snack. In the mornings while I cooked my breakfast, I also put on another tortilla into a dry pan, crisped it up, then broke it up into pieces, sort of like tortilla chips. That was my oh-so-nutritional snack. I wanted to cut out that terrible habit, so I decided that I should just eat lunch earlier and bring something else to eat in the afternoon if I get hungry. (Enter: gluten-free zucchini muffins. I’ll tell you about those later.) Anyway, I still tend to break up my lunch – if I feel myself getting hungry, I’ll eat the cut-up veggies I bring and then an hour or so (or as long as I can wait) later, I’ll eat the protein part of my lunch, usually over a bed of spinach and baby kale. So it was today…

Again, terrible picture that was taken this morning in my kitchen. Today’s veggies included baby carrots, red and purple peppers, and cucumbers which I ate around 12. A little after 1 o’clock, I ate the chicken, cold, over the spinach and kale. I’m actually already feeling hungry again, but this is probably just boredom.

Note: I am *supposed* to take an hour-long lunch every day (unpaid) but during the summer, that makes the workday 10 hours long! (We have special summer hours May 1-October 31 that allow us to work an extra 2 hours Monday-Thursday and only 4 hours on Friday.) I would much rather just eat at my desk, so I’ve just simply stopped taking a lunch. Not to mention there really is no where for me to go and sit and eat a lunch I bring myself — we have no cafeteria or break room. So unless I wanted to sit outside (our building is in a wind corridor so it’s rarely nice enough to sit out there), I have to walk to the Grand Avenue Mall, which really isn’t a mall at all, just a failing shopping center with a food court, Boston Store, TJ Maxx, and a few other small shops. I hate that place — it is SO depressing! And I really don’t like spending my lunch break in a busy food court. Anyway, so I eat lunch at my desk which makes the day 9 hours long instead of 10. (I will take “lunch” on occasion if I want to go to Gold’s Gym which is conveniently located in my building)


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