It All Starts Here

After a week of indulging my craving for almond butter, it is time to stop. I cannot continue to ingest that much fat and that many calories each night and think that I’m not going to see the consequences.

So, to prepare for a wedding I’m going to (over what so happens to be my birthday) and for the trip to Hawaii, I’m going to start documenting every meal, snack and morsel that I eat. Hopefully this will make me more conscious of what I’m putting in my body and make me think twice about eating massive quantities of nut butter and chocolate every night.

I would like to apologize in advance for my lack of photography skills and the fact that all of my photos will be taken with my iPhone 3GS (yeah, not even an iPhone 4).

Here goes nothing…

On Sunday I did my grocery shopping for the majority of the week. Let me see if I can remember everything I bought: three chicken breasts, a pound of London broil steak, three different colored peppers, a regular cucumber, an English cucumber, one zucchini, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Parmesan cheese, two half pints of raspberries, a container of baby kale, refined coconut oil, pre-made guacamole, single serving of kettle chips, and sushi (for lunch). That actually sounds like a really great grocery list, doesn’t it? (The kettle chips were in anticipation of me finding my most favorite sandwich ever from Outpost, but that didn’t happen.)

The three peppers I bought were red, orange, and…


It was on sale from Outpost, so I thought I would give it a try. After cutting it up and tasting it yesterday I was pleasantly surprised (that I didn’t have to toss it). It tastes like a really crunchy, less bitter green pepper.

So I grilled up the chicken and steak when I got home from the grocery store, chopped up veggies for lunch and for my dinner salads, and then I roasted some broccoli. I was so proud at how productive I was in the kitchen yesterday! This can only result in good things.


After this breakfast post, I won’t have to post another during the week. I eat the same thing every day. See, the thing is, I like to eat my breakfast at work at my desk. It makes the morning go faster. I’ve tried several other options – cereal (off that because it’s way too much sugar), peanut butter and bagels (too many bad carbs), and scrambled eggs with veggies (for some reason reheating them in the microwave at work gives me a weird stomach ache). So I’ve come to create a “breakfast burrito” that seems to work. Most of the time it’s two whole eggs and one egg white scrambled in a large flour tortilla with Mexican-blend cheese, then grilled so the tortilla gets crispy. Having the eggs in the tortilla keeps them warm so I don’t have to reheat anything when I get to work. The cheese is a little treat, I guess you could say. Sure, I used to put veggies in the tortilla, but after awhile, I got sick of them or they started to taste funny.

So, here it is, the breakfast of champions:

Doesn’t look so appetizing, does it? It gets a little burnt (it’s not burnt, burnt, just really dark brown) from time to time, but I’d rather have it darker than not toasted at all. Toasting it seems to give the tortilla more flavor.

The burrito is almost always (unless I’m hungover and trying to stay away from caffeine) paired with green tea. This week’s variety is Tazo “Zen.”

I almost forgot the other thing I consume every morning – fish oil! I started taking fish oil (in liquid form, it’s lemon flavored and not so bad!) after I started CrossFit in March and I’ve been consistent ever since. I take a tablespoon each morning with a few raspberries while I cook breakfast. So far, I can’t say that I’ve seen a difference, but I’m sure it doesn’t hurt!

This post is getting long already. More to come this afternoon!


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