It’s All About Nutrition

Breakfast was the usual this morning: 2 egg & 1 egg white burrito with cheese and three cups of green tea. Right now I’m snacking on one of those tortillas I told you about yesterday that I said was trying to not eat anymore. What can I say, I needed something comforting after last night.

I’ve started blogging my meals each day in order to feel more accountable for what I put in my body. It’s really hard to eat well when your options are sitting in front of the TV, or, sitting in front of the TV (because of the boot). But that is no excuse. I take that back. I have been eating pretty good during the week… it was just the indulgence of “paleo cookie dough” every night that I’m sure has been setting me back. So, just like I cut out “treats” cold turkey, I’m going to cut out nut butter and chocolate cold turkey. It’s the only way.

You see, I want to look and feel my best for my birthday (and subsequent wedding I have to attend) as well as for Hawaii. Actually, mostly for Hawaii — I won’t have to be in a swimsuit for the wedding! I could probably be working out more, but due to the boot, I think I’m already doing more than enough. I’m afraid I’ll be stuck in this thing for 3 more weeks because of all the moving around I’ve been doing. And so it comes down to one thing: nutrition. I just need to dial it in and everything should be good, right?

It’s not even about the number on the scale. If it goes down, great. But I’ve been consumed by the CrossFit community enough to know that numbers don’t mean anything. I don’t think the number of the scale is going to change all that much, but I do think that my body composition can change, juuust a little. I have a nice ring around my mid-section that needs to go and I think I’m carrying a bit more weight in my face that I should. The muscle is there (at least in my upper body now, hah) it could just be more defined by getting rid of the layer on top. So, diet it is. Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition.

An interesting article I found from CrossFit Rockwall: Eat More, Weigh Less


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