T-minus Three Weeks

Although I went in to my appointment last week Wednesday without much hope, and when I asked how my foot was feeling I responded “not good,” I ended up with a surprising verdict: I could take off the boot!

We ended up doing another Xray just to make sure everything was okay because I was complaining that it hurt so much. But my doc saw nothing alarming at all and so figured that my foot was just getting sore from being strapped to a flat surface for six weeks. So with that said, she told me that I could wear a tennis shoe (preferably a hiking shoe with a harder bottom) and wear the boot if I felt that my foot wasn’t feeling right. She also gave me temporary inserts for my shoes that give my feet a little more support.

I wore tennis shoes on both feet for the rest of the day and all day Thursday. My foot was feeling a little sore Thursday night, so when we went to get the rental car (for our trip to Iowa this past weekend), I wore the boot. I also wore the boot to work Friday morning and brought it along on the trip.

So far it has felt very weird trying to walk normally. I still walk very slow because my shoes aren’t as supportive as I wish they were.  I guess my foot is feeling better than it was. It is still sore and I get a twinge of pain here and there, but I’m confident that if I continue to get a ride to work and wear the boot when I feel it’s necessary, I should be feeling a lot better by the time we leave for Hawaii. Three more weeks until I can do… stuff!


Tristan was in a wedding this past weekend in Okoboji, Iowa. Where?! Right. So, 7 hours later (we actually made very good time) we arrived in Okoboji and picked up his tux. We relaxed for just a minute before getting ready for the rehearsal and dinner. It was a good night talking with new people and ended up at a bonfire, where Tristan and I reluctantly sported Iowa gear to stay warm.

…those sweats make me look chunky!

Since I wasn’t in the wedding party, I decided to get my hair done while I waited for the ceremony to begin. I should have snapped a picture because it was… interesting. I know I don’t give hair stylists much direction, but considering the locale, I should have been warned. Very hairspray-ey with lots of “texture” on top. Actually, I’m glad I don’t have any pictures or evidence of my hair because looking back, it was pretty horrible. I know I could have just taken it out, but it was $60 including tip and I just couldn’t do that. I did buy a few new makeup essentials and tried my best to make a pretty face. After the ceremony, I headed back to the hotel, changed into comfy clothes and spent the next two hours on the Internet and watching Friends. The reception was fun, but I was a little bummed that I couldn’t do much dancing at all, so that kind of killed the mood.

The next day we slept in a little, then went to a friend-of-the-bride’s house for breakfast and present opening. We didn’t stay very long, though, because we had to get on the road. It was a lovely day for a drive and a few “The Moth” podcasts later, we were home before we knew it. We ended the night dropping off the rental car (Tristan didn’t feel comfortable driving his Jeep that far with an iffy check engine light), hitting up Whole Foods, then grabbing dinner from Sobelman’s.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Friday it was actually my birthday, so I opened a few things that Tristan got for me on Sunday night. A gift card to Sunglass Hut (I’ve been wanting some better, more protective shades), a Patagonia pullover and a Patagonia backpack! So sweet… I’m a hard person to buy for because I expect him to know what I want, but he did very good this year. 🙂

We ate terrible over the weekend (the couple had interesting taste in food…) so this week is for detoxing! (Minus today because I didn’t get my s@#$ together to make a lunch.) I also plan on upping the exercise finally. Crossfit today and Friday, swimming on Tuesday and Thursday. And, to set things in stone, here is my meal plan for the week:

Monday: Chicken Fajitas with red & orange bell peppers

Tuesday: Baked Salmon with sweet potatoes & zucchini

Wednesday: I’m going to try a new paleoish recipe

Thursday: Some sort of stew (so we can freeze and re-heat while we’re camping this weekend)

Friday: Out or cooking with Kristin

Have a great week!


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