My (Non-CrossFit) Goat

While I’m not entirely sure of the direction of this blog yet (and I may never be), I thought my plans for the next few years should be known.

I’ve finally realized what I want to do and have narrowed in where my passion is – food. And not necessarily cooking food (is it okay that I don’t have that passion?) but consuming food, and, especially, how it affects our bodies. So I’ve decided to go back to school to become a Registered Dietitian.

Unfortunately, there is one thing holding me back from completely diving in: math. F’ing math. I.HATE.MATH. Though I guess it’s just like CrossFit: I hate thrusters, but only because they’re my goat. Math is my goat. For some reason, it has always been hard to wrap my head around. This scares me a little because science is often closely related to math and RD = Chemistry.

Anyway, I don’t have the math that I need from my first undergrad, so I have to take a math placement test. In my dreams, I would love to completely test out of math. Like, not have to take a class at all. BUT, that is highly unlikely. And so, I hope to at least test in to the level I was at… 9 years ago (NINE YEARS?!). So instead of starting this semester, I will be studying my butt off to take one test. The goal: to start with at least one or two classes in the spring. One being math, and probably another pre-req that I need but didn’t get in undergrad, like Sociology or Psychology 101. (I chose to take more interesting classes that would satisfy more than just one pre-req, like Social Science and Diversity.)

There are so many things to think about. This degree, if I am able to go full-time, will take me four years to complete. I don’t even want to talk about how old I will be. I’d rather not work a normal job so that I can take as many classes as possible each semester, but right now, that’s just not possible. However, (and this is a subject for another post, but here’s a tease), it would be ideal if I could get my personal training certification AND CrossFit Level 1 Cert and work as both a trainer and CrossFit coach while I go to school. As I said, so much to think about!



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