Just Google It!

Google is an amazing tool.

Let me back up here.

I was at wit’s end with not being able to make a decision regarding school. I didn’t know who I could talk to about my dilemma — becoming an RD without fully subscribing to what the ADA preaches. Then it dawned on me: maybe I should just Google it.


I Google everything. Perhaps this is why I am so indecisive to begin with. I’ll tell you that it certainly doesn’t help. Anyway, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this before.

So I typed in “paleo RD” and found a bunch of different sources. I think just seeing the results page got me excited. There really are others out there who feel just as conflicted as I do! I read through some of the sites and became more and more encouraged.

This made my decision much easier, and finally gave me that push to say “just do it.”

I am going back to school to become a Registered Dietitian. (!!!)

Unfortunately, I still have that math hurdle standing in my way. I still need to take a placement test (in a little over a week!) and hope to God that I pass into something more advanced than elementary math (I’m not joking.) Three years out of college, and probably more than five or six without so much as looking at an algebraic equation will scare the shit out of you. (Or maybe just me.)

The plan is to take the test on Thursday, December 20. I need to study as best as I can beforehand, but it’s hard when all you have is a practice test. I wish they gave you a list of concepts or something to study instead. After round 1 (and not even completing all of the questions) I’m batting 50/50, at best. Not so good.

I think taking an oblivious approach to math is the best way to go about it. If I don’t, I would become extremely discouraged. RD is not all about math. It may be a lot about chemistry, but chemistry is not math. This should be my mantra for the next week (and the following six months…)

Wish me luck!


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