A new beginning

I’ve started and stopped this blog many times before. I wasn’t writing with a purpose, I was just writing. I was unsure of what I wanted in life and my blog reflected that – it was called “Untitled: Forever searching for the perfect title.” Roll your eyes all you want (I know, I know. No excuses, but I always loathed having to put a title to something), but that pretty much sums up how lost I really was.

I’ve been through a lot in the past two years (really the past nine), but I’ve come out feeling more driven, more determined, and more focused on what I want than ever before. Funny how that happens when you’re truly passionate about something.

I’ve blogged about random things in the past – what I ate while trying to clean up my diet, adventures as a newbie in CrossFit, and future plans that were still mostly unknown. That’s all fine and well, except it didn’t even hold my attention, much less gained any readership (not that I was trying).

Yet I don’t like the idea of saying outright, “This blog will be about XYZ,” because that’s too rigid, and it may change as I move from one step to the next on my path to becoming an RD. I know that I enjoy talking about real food, and why we should eat it, about CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting and fueling for those sports, and my journey to grad school. I am not an expert on any of these things, so I suppose this blog will be about working towards that. Let’s see where this takes us…


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