Weekly Workouts

My workouts from last week!


Monday 6am

Strength – Performance

Snatch from hang, snatch from floor – work up to 80-85% of 1RM

I worked up to 65lbs. Maybe it was because it was Monday or because I’m that weak, but this felt heavy enough. Adam Sullivan spent a good chunk of time coaching me, but it wasn’t anything new – I wasn’t extending enough and pulling myself forward. I definitely felt this as I caught quite a few on my toes.

WOD – Fitness

3 Rounds

10 DB Snatches (5 on each side. For each snatch, perform 2 OH lunges.)

10 Pull-ups (or 15 ring-rows)

400m Run

I used 30# for the dumbbell snatches. After each snatch, you did two lunges, holding the dumbbell in the overhead position and I did the 15 ring-rows instead of pull-ups. No idea what time I finished this in, but ring-rows take me awhile since I go deliberately slow and controlled to make sure I use my scapula.

Tuesday 6am


3 Rounds of

8-10 Back Squats

Hip Extensions

Hollow Holds

I worked with my friend on this who can squat way more than I can. We did the first set at 105, then the second set at 125, and the third set I think I only did 4 reps. Squats just don’t feel good, especially at 6am!

WOD – Fitness


10 Kettlebell Swings

5 burpees

I used 25lbs for the kettlebell swings because I didn’t want to mess up my shoulders so early in the week. But even 25lbs was enough to seriously fatigue my shoulders along with the burpees! I took the eighth minute off to stretch them out, but I was finishing rounds at about 45 seconds.

Tuesday 6pm (CrossFit Football)


6×2 Clean Pulls from floor

I worked up to 165lbs for these.



Deadlift (at clean pull weight)

Ring Dips (or parallete push-ups)

Time Cap: 6mins

I used 165lbs and did the parallete push-ups, which I thought were way easier than regular push-ups. I finished in 5:05.


3×1:00 row with a partner

One person rowed for one minute, then there was a 15 second transition while person two got on the rower. You then rested while person two rowed. Each person rows three times.

This was a good little burner after those deadlifts and clean pulls! I was really happy with my performance during football. It felt good to move some heavy weight for once (other than squatting), and Coach Troy said my cleans and deadlifts looked great.

Wednesday 6am

Strength – Performance

Power Clean + Front Squat + Squat Clean

I worked up to 115lbs for this complex. The power clean felt labored and I caught it pretty low on my chest. It just didn’t feel right, but I can’t remember the last time I power cleaned heavy – I’ve been all about the squat cleans! The squat cleans felt much easier, but I have a feeling I’m still not opening up as much as I could. I feel like I get a good pull, but I think I’m short-changing myself and missing out on moving even heavier weight.

WOD – Performance

20 Russian Kettlebell Swings (70/55)

10 Box Jumps (30/24)

Rest 2 mins

Row 500m

50 Burpees over erg

I used 45lbs for the kettlebell swings and these were pretty easy. The box jumps always take me time at that height cause I really need to think before jumping so I don’t fall on my face!

The row was fine, but the burpees felt endless and I started to really feel out of shape. I guess I don’t quite have my fitness and endurance back on the longer workouts.

Wednesday 7:30pm (BrewCity CrossFit)


3 Rounds of ME for 90 seconds of each movement. Once you drop the bar, ball, or bell, you rest the remaining time.

Wall Balls (20/14)

Hang Power Snatch (95/65)

Ball Slams (55/35)

Overhead Squats (95/65)

Kettlebell Swings (55/35)

I wanted to do this Rx, and I think any other day, I would have been able to, but not as my second workout of the day. I did 55lbs for the snatches and overhead squats, 14lbs for the wall balls, 25lbs for the ball slams, and 35lbs for the kettlebell swings. I felt like I was letting Jeremy, the coach, down as I stopped short of the 90 seconds on every round, sometimes much sooner than the other three in the class. But by the end of the first round, I had a system down, and tried to be consistent with my reps on each movement for the remaining two. My final score was 216. I may have looked scary after this one. I was out of breath, sweating profusely, had chalk all over my hands and inner thighs, and my knees were burning red from the pain-relieving cream I had applied just before the workout.


6-minute Tabata Mash-up

Russian Twists with Med-Ball

Med-Ball Sit-ups

The worst part was trying to hold up the ball during the twists! All in all, it was a great workout at BrewCity.


Friday 6am

Strength – Performance

5×2 Front Squats

Handstand Holds

Ring Dips

I worked up to 135lbs on the front squats and they felt pretty good. For performance we were supposed to try to push away from the wall on the handstand holds. For a long time, handstand holds scared me and I couldn’t even kick up to the wall, but now I think they’re fun! I was able to push away from the wall for 3-4 seconds, which I was happy with. I just did 2 ring dips each time because I didn’t want to burn out my shoulder, and I was happy enough with knowing I could still string a couple strict together.

WOD – Performance


2 Snatches

After the week I put myself through, I was happy this was the Performance WOD. I took it easy and did working sets at 65lbs, trying to work through my issue of not opening up enough on the second pull. We’ve been snatching a lot lately and I just can’t get the hang of it. I’m hoping once Murph gets back he can give me some cues that will help clean it up.

Saturday REST DAY

Sunday 10am

Beach WOD!

This was a fun partner workout and I’ll try my best to describe what we did. For 6 rounds with a partner, 20ft crawl unders (where one person forms a bridge and the other crawls under then forms a bridge for the other person, etc.), 10 jumping squats, 20ft wheelbarrow walk, then 5 ground to overhead (with a stone) each.

The wheelbarrow walks were the worst in the sand! I did this with Cari and I think the stone we found was around 15-20lbs – not very heavy at all. Afterwards, we played volleyball for a couple of hours which was actually really fun.

What a great week of workouts! Physically, I’m feeling pretty good, albeit a little sore from Sunday’s workout. I haven’t gone this hard since last summer and it feels SO GOOD. I hope I can keep this up for the next few weeks before school starts!  I’ll post soon about nutrition for the past week.


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