Life Updates

I often get overwhelmed when attempting to write a new post – I forget that they don’t always need to be planned or predetermined.  Plus, I think even I was exhausted after reading that last workout recap!

School starts again next week. Thankfully, I am attending a school much closer to home this semester, but the classes will be more difficult than before. I’m really hoping I can get into a good routine and just power through to December. I’ll keep you all updated on how I’m balancing workouts, working fulltime, stayed properly fueled, and oh yeah, having a social life. This will be interesting!

My workouts have continued to look like much of what I posted two weeks ago. I’ve started Olympic Weightlifting again and couldn’t be happier. So much to learn, but I love it. I’ve tried to keep up with the two-a-days, but my body is definitely yelling at me to stop, or at least take a break! Things will slow down a bit as I figure out when and where I’ll be able to get in workouts during school, but I wanted to see if I could push it until that point and take advantage of the extra time I had. But, I think slowing down is going to come a half week earlier than anticipated as I’ve been having some shoulder pain (in my OTHER shoulder) probably due to going too hard too soon. So I’ll work on alleviating that and getting back to 100%.

For the most part, operation eat a sh*t-ton has been going well. I’ve had plenty of energy for my workouts (even the two-a-days!), and if for some reason I didn’t eat enough the day before or prior to my workout, I can definitely tell. And you know what? The weight on the scale still hasn’t moved, even though I eat rice daily and indulge in my vice-of-the-moment (okay, last three months) – a gluten-free zucchini muffin with cream cheese frosting (from Outpost, the local co-op) – more than I’d like to admit. I’ve been getting stronger and I’m seeing the definition in my muscles coming back, which is always a plus!

A few more notes on the workout front (without boring you with a full recap) – we had to max on lifts last week, and while I by no means think I lift my best in the morning, I was pretty happy with the results. Monday we snatched on the platforms (love!) and after making a very toe-sy 90lbs and missing the first attempt at 95lbs, I finally made it. I’ll take it! This was also without hardly any coaching (my first time back in Oly class and working out with Murph was that night), so although I have a long way to go, I am optimistic that number will match my old PR sooner than later! After maxing on snatch, we moved on to front squat. Unfortunately, I ran out of time, but I did hit 145lbs, and it felt pretty good. Wednesday we were supposed to max on clean and back squat, though we only made it through the clean before we ran out of time. I worked up to 130lbs – unfortunately this felt pretty heavy, but my body was pretty taxed that morning. I think it’s time to regroup, take it easy, and then get back to it in September. I’ve got a lot of work to do 🙂


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